Counseling, Mental Training  & PsychoPhysiological Conditioning  for Optimal Health and Performance
Dr. Julie Madsen, Clinical Psychologist
Refresh your mind.. Calm to your body... Accept change .. Connect on common goals ..
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This page explains the pre-registration process.

You can fascillitate completing the necessary paperwork by completing the form on the following page.
In the event that the form is not online at the time you tried to fill it out, paper forms will be provided at your first visit.

Fill out the information for the Primary Client. Indicate any restrictions on calls or emails.

Add Additional Client Information, if applicable.

Indicate if the Primary Insured is the same as the client. If not, fill in the rest of the form for the person who is insured [usually a family member].

Fill in the Primary Insurance Information. [ And bring your information on your first visit.]

If all your information is out and available to you now, it should only take about 5 minutes to pre-register.


Click on the link below to go to the Pre-Registration Form.