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Success Stories

(courtesy of Dr Durgin,  now in North Carolina)
When I retired in November of 2001, I worked with Neurofeedback specialist Dr. Gail Sanders Durgin. She related that some of her colleagues who are Neurofeedback practitioners were working with athletes from average golfers to Olympic athletes.

The purpose of my Neurofeedback sessions was to enhance my focus and conscious awareness. When I saw the difference this approach made with other golfers and tennis players, I thought this type of training would improve my performance. Through enjoyable 1-hour sessions a couple times a week, I progressed.

I feel the Neurofeedback training has greatly improved my focus and conscious awareness. As a result, I am much more aware of each situation on the course. Now I make a conscious plan to hit the shot required - not just step up and swing with no plan; or focus on the results of the last shot, as many frustrated golfers do. It also enabled me to visualize the upcoming shot much more clearly.

Primarily because of this improvement in my approach to the game, I have experienced significant improvement in my game, particularly my putting, chipping, and pitching. These are the three most critical areas of the game if you want to improve your scoring, whether you are a scratch golfer or a duffer.

I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make a significant improvement in their golf game to take Neurofeedback training. If you combine this training with good basic fundamentals, you will have a very good chance of improving your game and make golf even more fun.

- Chuck Barns